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Have fourteen guests or more? That is not a problem, our Enclosed Booth can handle that! In fact, our photo booth for rent has fit a group of  21 people before!


Do not believe us? Check out our rental photo booths, packages, and add-on accessories! 


Party Pics NJ has been servicing Hoboken, NJ for years. We have successfully provided the best and latest photo booth rentals. Rent a photo booth or inquire about our photo booth packages.


A variety of photo booths 


Superb photo booth ideas

Affordable photo booth prices

Exceptional team and customer support

Great photo booth decorations

Unique photo booth props

And more!

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Reasons You May Want To Rent An Enclosed Booth For Your Special Day

There are numerous reasons to rent a photo booth, specifically the Enclosed Booth. The Enclosed Photo Booth offers a fun chance to be goofy around friends and family.


Evoke nostalgia. The Enclosed Photo Booth has a style that can make guests feel nostalgic. It will transport them to the good old times of traditional photo booths. Many unforgettable moments were immortalized in a traditional booth like the Enclosed Booth.


Private photo taking. Since the Enclosed Booth is covered with a curtain, you and the guests do not have to hold back on poses. Show off your silly side and make funny faces and awesome dance moves!


Professional light setup. Another reason to rent a photo booth is professionalism in work and tools. Our rental photo booths come with a professional setup for taking pictures. With studio-grade equipment, you will have a blast taking pictures. And you know that the photos are all in full definition.


Great for small venues. Most often than not, an Enclosed Photo Booth is compact. That means, easy to pack, set up, and break down. And it will not take up so much space making the venue clean and stylish.


View all of our photo booth packages today! Or request a free photo booth estimate from our experts. Give Party Pics NJ a call now!

Enclosed Booth
enclosed booth

Great Pictures From Awesome Hoboken Enclosed Booth

More than just a photo booth, it is great event entertainment! Our Enclosed Photo Booth includes:


Tuxedo style white and black entrance curtain

Professional studio lighting setup

Top-grade DSLR camera equipment

Fast dye-sub printer

Sharp, high-quality photos

Photo booth props table with whimsical wigs and hats 

The photo booth background includes beautiful cities, skylines, fireworks, and more!


Are you searching for a wedding photo booth or party photo booth near Hoboken, NJ? Want to work with a photo booth company that offers Enclosed Photo Booth around the area?


If so, you’re at the perfect place. Party Pics NJ has the latest photo booths. One of the best we have is the Enclosed Booth. 

Should You DIY Photo Booth Projects?


You should not DIY a photo booth unless you are a professional. Mistakes mean more stress and money out of your pockets. Sometimes, deciding to do a DIY is disastrous although you may think it is cheaper and easier. In the end, it may delay or ruin your special occasion.


  • A bad DIY photo booth can ruin your event.
  • Sometimes people can be unrealistic about their DIY photo booth ideas and designs.
  • It takes an experienced photo booth team to properly tackle mistakes and frustrations.
  • Excellent photo booths take time and are often a mess to set up, hence requiring experts.


Party Pics NJ is a local photo booth company. We help clients avoid catastrophes that could result from a bad DIY photo booth. We understand that things could go wrong, that is why our experts are here. 


Our photo booth for rent consists of a professional setup. We use studio lighting and high-end DSLR camera equipment. If you are not prepared for the stress and cost of doing a DIY photo booth, call us instead.


As a trusted photo booth rental service in Hoboken NJ, we are pleased to tackle your photo booth needs!

Let Party Pics NJ Capture Your Best Moments!


Party Pics NJ is thrilled to take part in your special occasion. Rent a photo booth from us and enjoy  access to:


  • high-grade camera and light setup
  • dye-sub printer
  • cutting-edge photo booth technology
  • and more!


Request complete information about our Enclosed Booth now. Or go to our Reserve Page to order a photo booth package. List your questions or special request using the Reserve page. Party Pics NJ will get to your inquiries soon.

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