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Open Air Photo Booth

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Photo booths conjure an image of a closed box where people take pictures. But not all photo booths for rent are enclosed. The Open Air Photo Booth is designed without a metal box which makes it a great option. 


The Open Air Photo Booth is a picture-perfect photo booth. It has features that enable guests to have different backdrops, use big props, and more! This type of photo booth is a popular choice since it can fit large groups, just like a party bus rental!

Why You Should Choose To Rent Open Air Photo Booth

People love it when events or parties have fun activities they can do. Photo booths make the reception for guests more fun and memorable. Party Pics NJ is a well-known photo booth company. Our packages and add-ons including Open Air Photo Booth are a favorite among clients. It is a great photo booth for weddings, corporate events, or parties.

Take pictures of the entire crowd or big groups

Not limited by available space

A perfect alternative for claustrophobic guests

The guests will witness the shenanigans going on

Professional-grade camera and lighting setup

Completement the style of the party

Endless possibilities for customizing photo booth backdrops

Use unique photo booth props

Ideal as a photo booth for parties or as a wedding photo booth

Potential photobombing that allows guests to get real and have silly poses

Capture unforgettable moments, random poses, and fun dance moves

Great for a smaller indoor venue

Party Pics NJ offers quality photo booth services. We help customers in choosing a trendy photo booth that suits their themed party. So if you plan on renting a photo booth for a special occasion, consider the Open Air Photo Booth.

What Is Included In Our Open Air Photo Booth

Any of the Retro Booths

Black or white photo booth backdrop

Special sequin backdrops are available

Photo booth backgrounds include Paris, fireworks, the skyline, New York, Broadway, and more!

Planning your next event? Make sure to rent a photo booth that will make an unforgettable experience. Party Pics NJ is here to help you create lasting memories with family and close friends. Everyone will be waiting in line to experience the photo booth fun!

Get in touch with Party Pics NJ. We will help make your event extra fabulous. Any event will turn into a special day with our photo booth packages.

Open Air Photo Booth

Why Choosing DIY Photo Booth Is Not Ideal

We get it. You want to have a tailored photo booth experience. You want custom photo booth templates, designs, and photo booth decorations. But did you know you can get all that with a professional photo booth company at an affordable price?

That is right! You can create your dream photo booth with the help of professionals and not break the bank. Party Pics NJ has photo booth experts who are willing to assist in your photo booth rental process. 

Do not be fooled by DIY photo booths or photo booth businesses that offer cheap photo booth services.

DIY photo booths are often costlier compared to renting a photo booth

A DIY photo booth design does not always turn out good

Doing a DIY photo booth is time-consuming

You won’t have access to incredible photo booth add-ons

Truth is, you will get more from renting a photo booth with a trusted photo booth company. You do not have to worry about the professional equipment and photo booth services. We got you covered! Plus, there are awesome benefits waiting for you.

Party Pics NJ consists of an experienced team. Our photo booth experts know the latest and best when it comes to photo booths for rent. We know how to set up and operate our rental photo booths. As your local photo booth company, we will give nothing but top-notch services.

Let Us Party! Rent A Photo Booth In Hoboken, NJ

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Get amazing photo booth props, photo booth backdrops, and the latest open air photo booth from us. Party Pics NJ has excellent photo booth packages and add-ons to choose from!

Open Air Photo Booth