GIFS Photo Booth in Hoboken, NJ

Capture the moments you will never forget and laugh with your friends at your hilarious photos turned into a short GIF animation.


The GIFS photo booth can make a truly memorable and rare photo booth experience. Guests will have access to the latest technology and have fun creating fun, spectacular, or just plain goofy animated photos.


Party Pics NJ is a reliable Hoboken photo booth rental company supplying modern and quality photo booths in and around the area. If you are curious about our GIFS photo booth, contact us. Let us know what you need and our crew will see how we can help!

Gifs Photo Booth

What Is A GIFS Photo Booth?

A GIF typically used to be far from being creative and fun due to technical and graphical limitations. Today, a GIF is a silly and awesome addition to gatherings and events. It consists of multiple still images taken in a row and then looped into one video clip.


The GIFS photo booth works for both indoor and outdoor events. For the best outdoor GIFS photo booth experience, place the GIF booth in a protected area. Also, prevent the wind and other outdoor elements from ruining your background.


Have a more intimate or compact event area? No problem! The GIFS photo booth is only a small kiosk and will fit even in the coziest venues. And as long as the event’s area has Wifi, guests will be able to receive their GIF animation on the spot!


This kind of GIFS photo booth for rent will elevate the guest experience, break the ice, and allow them to create quirky, silly snaps of themselves, giving a unique humor to the whole experience.

Why Rent A Hoboken GIFS PHOTO Booth?

There are many reasons to include the GIF booth in your next celebration. Guests love to create short videos while they strike a pose. Some great features of this type of photo booth include:


The burst photo, or Boomerang, is just one of the cool features of the GIF booth. It takes about 15-20 images in just a few seconds and loops them together. The result is an awesome and sometimes hilarious video that guests can share with friends and family.

Add your logo or monogram

With our GIF photo booth, you have the option to use our templates or submit your own personalized logo. If you opt to apply your custom artwork, our graphic design team will create the template for you.

Print image strips

You and the guests will also have the choice to print photos. Although the GIF booth is specifically built to create short animations using multiple images, we can offer this service as an add-on. 

Receive digital photos

The GIF booth offers on-the-spot sharing and transferring of files so there’s no wait to get a copy of your creations. Copies can either be emailed to the guests or shared via social media, all with just a touch of a screen!

Easy-to-use functions

Unlike other photo booths that might require more setup and assistance, the GIF photo booth is a self-guided booth with user-friendly functions to allow guests to easily figure out its features.

Our photo booths have been enjoyed by hundred of clients. If you want to be one of them, get in touch with Party Pics NJ. Our team is ready to provide the best and latest booths! Check availability and reserve our GIF booth today!

GIFS Photo Booth
Gifs Photo Booth

Rent A Photo Booth From Party Pics NJ

Are you looking for a photo booth that will uniquely capture the personality of your guests? Our GIF booth will let your creativity run wild with its filters, props, and shot styles!


Our GIF photo booth includes:


  • Boomerang feature
  • Animated GIF overlay
  • Green screen
  • Skin smoothening feature
  • Awesome photo booth props
  • Easy to share GIF animation
  • Instant social media sharing


For us, special occasions are not just parties. They are meaningful days filled with joy, laughter, and moments. That is why we know you deserve a professional photo booth service. Drop us a line and connect with our team to know more about our services.

Gifs Photo Booth