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You have probably taken a ton of photos with friends and family during parties. In that case, explore details of our photo booths and event categories we service. Many of our customers find our photo booths worth the money. If you want to rent a photo booth with Party Pics NJ, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Why Reserve A Photo Booth Rental for Your Hoboken, NJ Event?

We can all agree that special occasions must be documented to preserve fun memories. The process of taking photos should not be very difficult to do so. Party Pics NJ offers the latest and best photo booths in Hoboken. Why do opt for a DIY photo booth if you can rent a photo booth from a trusted company?

Professional photography

Aside from our selection of photo booths for rent, Party Pics NJ also offers professional photography services. We have a roaming photographer service you can add to your photo booth package. The photo booth equipment and cameras we use are also the best and take high-quality photos. So no need to worry or stress about missing a moment or having low-quality images.

Multi-purpose and latest technology

Each photo booth we have comes with its unique feature. Some photo booths look retro, while others are modern with touch screen capabilities. This only means that you and your guests will surely have a photo booth experience like no other. Compared to DIY photo booths, we offer effective services and innovative photo booths.

Custom photo booth package

Personalize your photo booth experience to guarantee smiles and complete entertainment. We offer custom photo booth templates and photo booth designs. Let us know about your themed party, and our photo booth team will discuss what we can offer!


Renting a photo booth with Party Pics NJ is cost-efficient. Our photo booth team will help you make your event categories a reality while staying on budget. We will save you time and money by giving carefully put-together photo booth packages. Simply select a package and photo booth add-on and you are good to go! You do not have to stress about setting up the photo booth because you will have an assistant to take care of it.

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Photo booth props

 The props are another reason for choosing to rent a photo booth instead of doing a DIY photo booth design. It will save you time and the photo booth setup is actually stunning. We have several gorgeous props that will make your party totally awesome!

There are a number of reasons to rent a photo booth for events categories and special occasions. It is fun and keeps people entertained. Contact Party Pics NJ today to reserve a photo booth for your event categories.

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Event CATEGORIES Where Renting A Photo Booth Is A Must

Party Pics NJ has been a part of several special occasions. We have serviced Hoboken, NJ for years with our photo booth packages. See the list of event categories we have done below.

 Anniversary Parties

Do not settle for a cliche-themed anniversary party. We have the perfect photo booth ideas and designs for this kind of event categories. Talk with Party Pics NJ to learn more about our anniversary photo booth.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Bar mitzvah is a special occasion that should be celebrated with the best kind of photo booth. When it comes to coming-of-age event categories, we can offer great packages. Check out our services that will make the occasion extra meaningful.


Are you having a reunion with friends or family? Party Pics NJ has a variety of photo booth designs and props to make any class or family reunion even better.

Themed Parties

From tips on how to have the best photo booth experience to truly have a memorable day, we got your back. We can service any kind of themed party from holiday, Halloween, 90’s retro, carnival, to jungle theme! 

Graduation Party

A photo booth is a great way to make the graduation parties memorable. We will help you create a remarkable graduation party your friends will talk about for days. 

Bridal Showers and Weddings

If you are hosting a bridal shower, renting a photo booth should be on your to-do list. Wedding photo booths are budget-friendly and help make event categories stunning. We can help put together all elements that can make a wedding or bridal shower wonderful.

Baby Showers and Christening

Aside from weddings and bridal showers, we also service baby showers and christenings. Party Pics NJ offers unique photo booth ideas for welcoming your baby. 

Holy Communion

With the right planning for this special occasion, you can make your child and guests have a good time. As with any event categories we service, our photo booth packages will provide everything you might need. Our photo booth company offers photo booths perfect for first communion parties.

Special Birthdays and Quinceaneras

Do not miss any detail of your special birthday or quinceanera. With the photo booths for rent we have, your event categories is bound to be a celebration worth the wait.

Corporate Events

Planning corporate events are not an easy task. It involves numerous factors to consider such as activities that will be a hit to all guests. Renting a photo booth is an awesome solution for combining fun and professionalism. 

Formal Portraits

Want beautiful portraits? Rent a photo booth with us! We can help take stunning formal portraits using our latest photo booths.

If you are not seeing your event categories here, talk with our team. Party Pics NJ can service your event categories. Call today to begin discussing the photo booth style perfect for the theme for your event.

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Reserve A Photo Booth For Parties With A Reputable Photo Booth Company


Submit inquiries about our photo booth services. You can also call our office and one of our photo booth experts will discuss the details you need. Request for available photo booths for rent and photo booth prices today!

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